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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thor (2011)


Avery's Review

I went into this movie half-heartedly. While I know that Thor, by legend, is a deity, Marvel’s character is a superhero. Generally, superhero movies don’t excite me. Heck, I was disappointed even with The Dark Knight. Inception provided me some newfound love for Nolan’s Batman movie, however. Anyway, Thor is a superhero movie, and that is why I was a bit reluctant to see it.
The movie opens with these three scientists (whose actual intentions I am still a bit unsure of) who are out looking for strange astrological phenomena. They find this big aurora from which a tornado comes out of, and in that tornado is Thor. After the scientists, Jane, Darcy, and Erik, literally run into Thor, the movie decides then to explain to you why Thor is on Earth. 
From that, we get about a half hour of some ice beings (I’m not even going to try to spell out their race) who infiltrate the land of Asgard. They are quickly defeated, but Thor, against his father Odin’s will, takes a small group of people with him to the land of the ice beings to wage battle. Ultimately, war is declared between the two groups. As a result, Odin banishes Thor to Earth to teach him virtues (I think), saying that Thor is unworthy to be his successor.
That is how the humans met Thor. Past that, the plot basically revolves around Thor trying to get back his hammer, which is in the hands of the FBI, Loki taking his place as ruler of Asgard as Odin falls ill, and the ice beings making a pact with Loki.
This movie has its visuals working for it. All of Asgard is amazing to look at, especially Bifrost. Even the small town on Earth is an impressive sight. The acting isn’t exactly incredible, but it gets by. The movie suffers most from its plot, though. After Thor gets banished, a jealous Loki decides that its time for him to take his place as ruler. To prove himself to Odin, Loki plans to wipe out all of the ice beings. When Thor makes it back to Asgard, his viewpoint has completely changed, something that, well, just doesn’t happen. I find it similar to Unknown, where the main character, after finding out that he was a criminal/terrorist before his amnesia, decides to remain good. Once bad, always bad. In this case, once hotheaded, always hotheaded. I just found the whole movie a bit jumbled, but maybe that’s because I never read the comics. Probably someone with a better understanding of the original Marvel comics might appreciate such happenings more, but never before (except in an anime) have I ever been acquainted with Thor, Loki, and Odin.
Throughout the movie, I constantly saw/heard: This is madness! Madness?
I just kept waiting for them to say: This IS Asgard! and kick someone into a giant pit. Alas, it never happened.
The 3D looked, well, blah. There was really nothing that truly utilized the 3D, except the credits at the end. So, my opinion would be to see the movie without the 3D if you’re on a tight budget. If not, enjoy the slight improvement.
Also, the metal guardian that Loki sent out to kill Thor… Well, it shot lasers. But physical contact by it did more damage to a person than its laser, which seemed only good for blowing up houses instead of actually killing people.
The FBI agents seem largely unimportant. While they do keep custody of the hammer, an annoyance to Thor, they serve no other purpose, really. After they confiscate all of Jane’s work, they end up giving back in the end without even a fight.
Ugh, looking up, I’ve just kinda rambled on different topics. I’ll close before I say more useless garbage. The visuals are great, the acting is passable, the plot is decent, and the music, well, I didn’t really notice the music. If you like superhero movies, go see Thor. If you’re like me, I don’t really know what to tell you to do. The ending of the movie terribly disappointed me in some ways, as the movie ended without warning. But, the fact that there was a fight that didn’t involve Thor made me happy. I’m a sucker for non-main character fights. Oops, more rambling. Eh, I'm a bit tired, so this cruddy review will have to remain cruddy.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Also, Jordan corrected me. They are called Frost Giants and they are from Jotunheim. And the FBI people are SHIELD. So there. Haha.

Jordan's Review

Thor was a remarkably made movie. It was surprisingly accurate to the comics, and it ties in with the string of Marvel movies that have been and are to be released. Unlike most movies, Thor does not let the romance between Thor and Janie overshadow the entire purpose of the movie. (SN: Why cast Natalie Portman as Janie, besides the fact that she looks just like her, if she already said she will NOT return for any other movies that involve Thor? I.E. Thor 2 and the Avengers) I digress. Anyway, Thor, for me, has everything that should be in a superhero movie. It has elements of futurism and present-day. There is no damsel in distress. It allows comic relief at just the right time. The effects are absolutely marvelous. Thor really started off the summer movie scene for me. I waited months upon months for the release of this movie, and I was not disappointed AT ALL. The fact that Thor and Janie's relationship was not the center of the movie was great; its focus on Thor and Loki's relationship was incredible. Hemsworth and Hiddleston really portrayed the relationship of Thor and Loki, where Thor trusted and respected his brother, and Loki... not so much. Tom Hiddleston as Loki really made the movie for me, but Chris Hemsworth portrayed Thor beautifully as well. I was so happy that the hero was actually able to keep up with the villain in this movie (I am usually partial to villains.) Over all, I think Thor is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen because it keeps the action going through out the movie, but the relationships are what keeps you interested. Another huge success for Marvel!
Rating: 5 out of 5

Final Score (Unless More Reviews Come In):

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